Les Cœurs Sauvages.

Les Cœurs Sauvages. Wild heart, carefree,Just because I wore a little makeup, She really let herself go,Just because I wore a skirt a little bit above my knees, She’s lazy,Just because I didn’t feel like cooking dinner tonight, She’s doing entirely too much,Just because I spoke up for myself, She’s not like she used to…… Continue reading Les Cœurs Sauvages.

The Lessons Continue

Continuing right where we left off, we just want to highlight a few more lessons we have learnt over the years. If you missed yesterday’s post, here is the link to that https://afro387.com/2022/01/07/lessons-learned/ Trust the process. Walking a path you have never walked before can be scary with a lot of unexpected turns. You may…… Continue reading The Lessons Continue