Ever wandering mind Out to the unknown Another adventure about to unfoldA story to be foretold Dreamer!Out of body experience Limitless possibilities A world built from imagination An inexpensive trip to the futureJust allow your mind veer offDreamer!Dream on.If you dream it,You can have itIf you can see it,You can believe itDreamer!Dream on.Let your imagination…… Continue reading Dreamer

Break Me

You can’t break my soul.You won’t break my bones.A different breed with a special kind of gene.A cat with nine lives.Try again next time, but this time intensify the heat. You can shatter my spirit But it will rise with the sun Weeping may endure for a night, but joy,Oh! Joy, comes in the morning.You…… Continue reading Break Me

A Perfectly Good Time To Not Add A Title

One day two perfect strangers met almost accidentally, They met three more times, Four times the charm (or whatever they call it), Five times. That’s exactly how many times they made eye contact, They had six glasses of wine between them, They found themselves on the terrace talking about their childhood adventures at seven, Soon…… Continue reading A Perfectly Good Time To Not Add A Title