Strength from above Flows from within Keeper, keep usHealer, heal usSavior, save us, from all evil and from ourselves.Save us from our self destructive thoughts,From our perverse ways,From when we set ourselves up for destruction.Comforter,Oh thou restorer,Restore our peace,Restore our sanity,Restore that which we lost.Be our comfort,Be our guide,Be our help as you have in…… Continue reading HIGHER


It’s June 22nd, and as the familiar chirping of the birds ring out, I find that there’s still no letter in my mailbox. I bang my head lightly against the wall. A deadly mix of impatience and frustration envelops me and I begin to break into a sweat. Pause. Did he forget? No. He couldn’t…… Continue reading POSTBOX TALES

Mother Nature 🌬️

Mother Nature 🌬️calls out to me,softly,sweetly,suddenly my heart starts to beat faster,suddenly the words are not so sweet anymore,they’re harsh,they’re painful,exhilarating,i’m honestly lost in thought,the chaos doesn’t help,the voices don’t help,i’m searching,i’m wandering,seeing if anyone can help me,anything, anyone where did I go wrong? Nessa 🖤


hi there,just here to let you know that it gets better, just here to let you know that it gets brighter, when your smiles fades away and your exhaustion makes you spiral into madness, know that you’ll pull through, so don’t fight the tears, feel…every emotion you need to feel, as your tears stream down…… Continue reading PSA