The Lessons Continue

Continuing right where we left off, we just want to highlight a few more lessons we have learnt over the years. If you missed yesterday’s post, here is the link to that

Trust the process.

Walking a path you have never walked before can be scary with a lot of unexpected turns. You may fail but you will learn, you may fall but you will rise again. There is beauty in brokenness. The process is a training ground you can trust and should trust. You will come out more refined, more informed, more experienced than ever.

Be intentional.

You are either in it or not. Be very deliberate and intentional when pursuing your goals. You cannot be working towards a goal every now and then or as and when you feel like. Trust me, there are days you wouldn’t feel like it, your body will war against your mind but you need to see it through. No guts, no glory.

Just do it.

FYI, we are not campaigning for Nike.

There is never a perfect time. There is a right time, but never a perfect time. All the things you need to start may not be at your disposal, you may not have studied for what you are about to do, you may even have a plan but as we know it, things do not always go as planned. Just start, pursue that dream, go after it with all you’ve got. The perfect time to start may never come and you would have wasted valuable time. Someone else with the same idea will go through with it.

We go through life knowing in part, seeing in part, believing in part. We do not know it all, but, whatever may come our way, we will rise triumphant.

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