Lessons Learned

It would be wrong to say we haven’t evolved from when we began. From this evolution has come some lifelong lessons.

For starters, our writing has gotten way better over the years. I read some of my oldest post and I can’t help but burst into laughter, others also make me exclaim, “Girl! You is smart”.(not a grammatical error).

Here are key lessons we have learnt over the years.

Money is not a good motivator.

I say this all the time, money is never a good motivator. It saddens me that young talented individuals would rather burry their talent when there is an opportunity for them to grow simply because it is not going to be paid for, especially when they are just starting out. If money was our motivation for running this blog, we would have quit in year one itself. There are so many things money cannot buy, and are way more valuable than money. If we didn’t go through with this blog because it was not fetching us money, we would have had all our ideas stuck in our heads, and eventually loose the passion we have for writing. When you give you receive. When you share knowledge, you learn even more. There is no reaping without sowing.

Stay true to yourself.

There are so many blogs out there which are thriving. From lifestyle blogs, to entertainment or gossip blogs, food blog e.t.c. It is tempting to want to copy what they do but staying true to yourself and finding your own niche is more fulfilling and sustainable. Wanting to be like someone else is a lot of work, especially when you are doing so from a distance and don’t have all the facts and blueprints at your disposal. When you set out to pursue a goal, dream or passion be sure your motive is right, this will help you stay grounded and not be blown in the direction of the wind.

We will share some more lessons as we count day to our big day.

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