The Journey Thus Far


The initial goal for Afro387 was to put out good reads, five years down the line, we have met some amazing and beautiful people, gained some followers and made some life long memories.

Out of this blog, was the birth of a YouTube channel which we will eventually revamp when the time is right, and a budding podcast on Anchor.

The journey thus far has been nothing but amazing. Certainly, worth it. We do not know what lies ahead of us, but, as we have trusted the process, we will continue on this path to making new memories, friends and followers and hopefully five years from today, we would have more to share.

We just want to say thank to all those who believed and are still believing in us. To our readers, thank you for loving our vulnerabilities and imperfections and not forgetting our very annoying off and on Manager who we love dearly. We would also like to thank Hilda and Awo for the awesome pieces they shared during the countdown.

Cheers šŸ„‚ to many more years of good reads and vibes.

Yours Truly,

Team Afro387.

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