What Motivates You?

There is something that urges us to go about our daily lives the way we do. Waking up early is never fun, working on the weekend is pain. Life in itself can be very uncomfortable sometimes, but, we keep moving and pushing because of what motivates us.

Motivation is not the same for everyone. People are motivated by different things. Your motivation can be healthy or unhealthy.

Lately, I realize people no longer care much about experience or building meaningful relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. Most people these days get involved in careers and relationships for the money.

Money, in the long term is never a good motivator.

Firstly, money never really satisfy. No matter how much you have you will still want more.

Secondly, when money is your primary motivator, you are most likely to compromise on morals and ethics. Going down this part is very toxic. The end result is a stained reputation.

A better motivator is wanting to learn. Knowledge they say is power. Equally, a good name is better than riches. Experience grows your confidence.

Personally, I am motivated by the desire to grow, being the best version of myself, discovering my full potential and abilities. Last but certainly not the least, helping people in whichever way I can.

What motivates you?

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