My life inexperience and consequential ignorance makes it impossible to speak on certain matters but in the words of Richard Ayoade, I’m trying to reach a word count here.

Also, nobody wants to hear the thoughts of a brooding twenty-something year old who is still experiencing teen angst, as hard as it may be to believe it, unless you’re also a brooding. . .twenty-something year old. . .who is still experiencing teen angst.

But if you’re here, then you want to hear me attempt to speak on something I know nothing about:




Both of those things are equally misunderstood. It doesn’t make them one and the same. That would make a good quote under my name on a Wikipedia page in an alternate reality where none of this ever happens.

There, I’ve finally reached my word count. By convincing you that I was in fact going to speak on something I ended up talking about nothing.

Enjoy your coffee.

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