The African hair is a very stubborn one, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s called kinky. Very difficult to comb and maintain. It really wasn’t and still isn’t a big deal when we had to transition from our kinky to permed or relaxed hair aside loosing the virginity of your hair because it was and…… Continue reading NATURAL HAIR CRAZE


I don’t deny that am a foodie, and fufu until recently is one of my favorite foods. Fufu is a very popular dish in Africa, particular to the people of West Africa, precisely Ghana. If you stumble by chance in any average Ghanaian home on a weekend, you will be amazed by the sound you…… Continue reading FUFU


In love, there is war. A war of who is right and who is wrong. Who is romantic and who is not. Who is selfish or selfless. War in Love. Where daggers fly from the mouth piercing through the heart o… Source: WAR IN LOVE


Afro is a blog by an African. It seeks to project African values in terms of lifestyle, entertainment, health and fitness, relationship, poetry/spoken word, beauty and fashion. Our target audience is everyone and anyone; no age limit. The vision for Afro is Africa to the world in a positive light. Afro’s mission is to project…… Continue reading AFRO BIO