When things go south

We make plans and God laughs. I saw that movie unfold before my eyes in 3D. In my attempt to kill two birds with a stone, I had been planning this trip for weeks. From what to wear, what to eat, the destination, time, activities, the whole nine.

God had a big laugh and I heard it not because I was the joke. Everything was going according to plan until the Friday before the trip. I had an impromptu appointment at 5pm which made me push the trip with my friends to 12pm. My second disappointment was when my seamstress failed to deliver my dress like she said she would. All these didn’t get to me. I still had the most important things under control, I thought.

When I said killing two birds with a stone, my younger brother’s birthday was earlier in the week and since Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana is my hometown, I scheduled a picnic in Aburi Botanical Gardens and a tour to the Arts and Craft Village. On that very faithful Saturday, I woke up to blackout. The night before, I had taken out my weave with the hopes of getting my hair washed the next day. To add salt on injury, by backup dress was not ironed. I managed to jump over these huddles with some struggle.

A trip that was scheduled for 12pm began after 2pm because a self acclaimed fine boy decided to bring a date he’s been trying to impress for some time now and eventually showed up two hours after the set time.

I have watched fast and furious but never thought I’d star in one. Leaving Accra Mall after 2pm to Aburi with the hopes of returning by 5pm, my kid brother put his need for speed to test. Evading all traffic prone routes, as tall as he was he could not see a speed ramp. I could feel my heartbeat in my guts but lover boy was fixed on his impression game in the back seat.

Let me not bore you with the details of my trip of disappointment. We got to Aburi at 4pm, did barely half of what I had planned and returned to Accra at 5:20pm.

Long and short of it all is that I was pissed, I am still pissed, I barely got good pictures, ended up in a fight with my kid brother. The only person who enjoyed this trip was lover boy and his date (happy Valentine’s Day to them).

OT was there some, just had to add that or it will look like he wasn’t part of the trip and  he might come at me.

The moral  of this boring story is that never ignore the signs and trust your instincts. If I had listened to my instincts, I’d have had a much better piece than what you just read.

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