Until you are frustrated, hungry and angry, you never know what you are capable of.

Many workers are fed up of their jobs, unemployment rate is at its highest. Times are hard; I am not talking politically. Power and opportunities are centralized, the rich keep getting richer. Cliche but true.

In this part of the world, systems rarely work and opportunities are scarce. It has come to my realization that we millennials are fed up of the stereotype. Go to school, get a job, marry and have kids. We want more. We want to do more. We want to see change. We desire to start something of our own.

Every opportunity out there has a condition clause. Either sell your soul to the devil or get exploited. We suck up to the oldies from 8 to 5. Some of them really believe we do not know what we are about. They say things like,”you are lazy and you don’t want to learn”. How about, I am not you and I have interest in something else. We all can’t be doctors and lawyers.

Millennials have potential and ideas with little or no funding. In other parts of the world, you can work at malls, supermarkets, diners and the likes while schooling. Part time jobs are extinct down here. You are paid below minimum wage but expected to work 8 to 5, weekends and holidays inclusive. Securing internships is even a headache and when you manage to graduate with a degree, job applications ask for three years experience. Are you kidding me?

My dear millennials, if you happen to make it, do not make it alone even if the road to your success was lonely. Do not be alone at the top. Let your wish not be that others go through all that you experienced. Lend a helping hand. Be nice, be kind break the cycle.

Mentor someone with no strings attached. If you have something doing, do it now. Let’s not wait to win the jackpot. Our own peers laugh at our ideas, so long as the idea isn’t theirs, they will never lend a helping hand. Some even have the guts to tell you, “great idea, but you are not the right fit. It’s bigger than you”. Ask Bill Gates, he knows such friends really well.

Team up, support and build. Let’s show them what we millennials are made of.



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