Beauty standards (Or Not!)

Don’t just wear it, own it.

Before Social Media, beauty was so ‘Eurocentric’. A sharp jawline, a thin nose, well-defined cheekbones, skinny features, lightskin and what-have-you, was about all you needed to land you a job at a modelling agency or the front page of a Vogue or Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The amount of people especially young women going under the knife to change their physical features is very horrifying. One word: Insecurity. Once in a while, you look in the mirror and feel like “My nose is too big,” or “I am too skinny!” Or “I am too fat.” “Look at all these girls on Instagram! I’m nothing like them!” Wrong! Your uniqueness lies in your teeth gaps, your plump lips, your long legs, embrace them.  Note that it is not abnormal to feel insecure every now and then, but look BEYOND your insecurities and find the beauty WITHIN you.

I love Christina Aguilera for this one, “You are beautiful, no matter what they say, words cannot bring you down, you are beautiful in every single way…yes words cannot bring you down!” They can’t bring you down. Not today!

So, the next time you walk past a mirror, do a little strut, smile at yourself and strut away! You can even mentally whip your hair!

Congratulations on accepting yourself, if you still haven’t, I challenge you to😉.

By: Vanessa Adaboh

Instagram: @nessa.the.finesser

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