Letter to the man who marry’s me: Part 2

Dear future hubby,

Trust you are good? How did you find my first letter? I guess by now, you have a fair idea of what you will be getting yourself into. Nonetheless, you will be fine. Not all men get a manual from their future spouse.

For any relationship to survive the test of time, there should be deliberate actions from both partners. You have to be intentional; put thought in the things you say and do.

I don’t appreciate a lie for any reason whatsoever. No matter how bad the truth is I want to hear it, I can handle it. If you tell me a lie I will smell it and then we will have an even bigger problem. It’s one thing to tell a lie and another to hide things from me. You can hide a surprise from me, but you can’t hide a girl disturbing you. The earlier I know the better for us. Don’t wait for things to blow up before you fill me in.

Certainly I will step on your toes a couple of times and when I do, deliberate or not, I will like to know not only to apologize but also for me not to repeat it. When there’s an issue, let’s address it there and then. Most men say they just want to maintain peace and ignore confrontation or arguments. I don’t want that. I want to talk it out. We agree to disagree. For me arguments are normal, it doesn’t mean we are fighting. We are only expressing our opinions.

Trust is very essential in a relationship. I believe these practices over time breeds trust. We want to be married for life not for a season.

Don’t do what I wouldn’t do and stay out of trouble.

Your future wife,

Crazy 😜 me.

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