Breathe, Baby Breathe

Inhale, hold and now exhale
Breathe, baby breathe!
Inhale, taking in all that you are made of.
Hold, remembering where you have come from.
Exhale, letting go of all the negativity.
Breathe, baby breathe.

The weight will weigh you down,
That ton of baggage you carry,
The waters will drown you,
The very tears you cry,
The wind will move you,
All the things that pulls you in different directions.
Remember to breathe,
Breathe,baby breathe.

You are enough,
More than enough.
You are good,
With a heart of gold.
You have those thorns,
As roses do.
So breathe, baby breathe.

Adjust to the times,
Find your flow,
Surf the storm,
Soar in the turmoil,
And remember to breathe, baby breathe.

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