Saturday Love

love that has exhausted its weekday privileges, love that now competes with numerous house chores, a getaway will have your pockets wanting to know if you really know what’s happening in there or you’re just being delusional as usual, saturday love is not for the weak, it takes years of mastery to deal with saturday…… Continue reading Saturday Love


i once sat on my bedroom floor wondering if this was really it, if this was how i was meant to live the rest of my life, bobbing my head up and down to the distant voices and music in my head, crying myself to sleep every night like an endless loop, plastering a pseudo…… Continue reading REST

An Attempt To Feel Again: Ground Zero

they were hidden but didn’t know they were silenced, yet, they were feelings too abstract to explain, and the content of their character was too shallow to divulge, but make no mistake, as their queen mother I’m just as culpable, leaving no room for error, but plenty for resentment, if the tap-tapping of rain on…… Continue reading An Attempt To Feel Again: Ground Zero

Break Me

You can’t break my soul.You won’t break my bones.A different breed with a special kind of gene.A cat with nine lives.Try again next time, but this time intensify the heat. You can shatter my spirit But it will rise with the sun Weeping may endure for a night, but joy,Oh! Joy, comes in the morning.You…… Continue reading Break Me