BEACH WAVE: Labadi Beach

Most people love the beach for the ambience, cool breeze, serenity and scenery. Some others may love the beach for totally different reasons. Whatever your preference is, there is a beach for you.

On my quest to finding my perfect beach, my first stop was labadi beach in labadi a suburb of Accra which in my view is the most popular beach in Ghana. It is sandwiched between Labadi beach hotel and La Palm Royal beach.

Here is how my trip to Labadi beach went down.

Right at the entrance was a checkpoint where you pay your gate fee of GHc 10.00 and the doors of Labadi beach is opened for your exploration. After the main entrance is the car park. It was at this point I knew Labadi beach will not be my perfect beach.

At the car park are sales representative of the various stalls on beach hunting for customers. If you intend sitting at the beach to have a meal, drinks or both, I advise you to ignore the sales reps, get to the beach and make your choice after weighing your options. You should know I made a bad choice so please heed to my advice.

Just before my manager and I could take our seat, this Rasta man approached  our table with black stones and beaded necklaces and bracelets for our patronage. Being the spend drift that my manager is, he just had to get one necklace for his egoistic self which led to a disaster I will let you in on in my conclusion.

Then, before we could place an order, this chubby kid comes out of the water and walks straight to our table to beg for money.

Three strikes! Labadi beach you’ve been knocked out but the fun started after this point. First stop, horse back strolling. Yes, strolling cause I can’t ride a horse so I took a stroll on the horse at a cost of Ghc20.00 without a receipt. It felt good though!

Our next activity was a stroll on the shores of the beach and that’s how I discovered better stalls than what we settled for.

Reasons why Labadi beach is not and will not be my go to beach aside those that I have already stated is that the beach can be more cleaner than it is. The seats are too close to the sea and it’s not child friendly although some parents brought their kids.

One thing I wasn’t able to do was ride an ATV. If you should see me at Labadi beach, it will be to ride an ATV.

Finally to the disaster, my manager gave me Ghc200.00, four Ghc50.00 notes to keep for him after he bought the necklace which he saw me put in my purse. When we settled back at our seat, he asked for his money and to our surprise we could not find the money. We emptied my bag,pocket and purse but the 200 cedis was no where to be found.

Whether the 200 cedis decided to take a swim, ride a horse or smoke shisha, we know not.

5 thoughts on “BEACH WAVE: Labadi Beach

  1. Hehehehe. But your rating tho. Hope you didn’t fall on the horse. How can 200 cedis vanish like that? Question to the sea gods lol


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