New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year, the day before the new year. There are three major characters on this day, I believe.

The first characters are those who make no fuss about the coming year. They are indifferent whether it’s a new year or an old year. They see the coming year to be just another day, the end.

The second characters are the yearly church goers. They go to church once a year; 31st December of every year. These characters believe being in church on New Year’s Eve will help them see the coming year. They are scaredy-cats, aren’t they?

The final characters, we the spirituals. We believe that the coming year isn’t just another day. Something is changing and something is going to change so we position ourselves for that change. On New Year’s Eve we are thankful for all that transpired and hopeful that what we weren’t able to accomplish becomes accomplished in the coming year.

Where do you fall?




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