You may or may not agree with my take on Labadi beach, which is fine. In as much as I am in for the fun, I am also in on what’s real.

Here’s what’s real. P.s: No need to politicize this in anyway whatsoever. We are blessed with abundant resources as a nation, however, we lack the ability, skill, call it whatever to maintain and optimize what we are naturally blessed with. We have a syndrome of laziness, complacency, it’s not my property, and our all time favorite; blame it on the government.

Do we want to move forward? Yes. Do we want to see change? Most certainly. What are we doing about it? Absolutely nothing. A few talks here and there after which we roll back our sleeves.

There is so much we can do as individuals. We have a voice which we ought to use. Thank God for social media.

The time for the black star to shine is long overdue. Perhaps it’s not shining mainly because it’s black. Enough of the “Shattawale-ing” and the “Stonebwouying”. Our musicians patronize the beaches of other African countries like South Africa to shoot their music videos. Let’s be the change we want to see, everyone of us. If we pose a united front to ensure that the systems are put in place and follow that system, we will all benefit. Let’s not leave a dead Ghana to the next generation.

I’d like to start a challenge. Right after reading this, I humbly employ you to share the link, go on every single one of your social media pages to update your status, hashtag What is Ghana tourism authority doing, hashtag keep our beaches clean and safe.

Together we can. All for one and one for all. Let’s move from good to better and eventually great.

Let’s make Ghana great again. We are Ghana and Ghana is us.



7 thoughts on “LABADI BEACH REVIEW

  1. Indeed our maintenance culture must be checked. At times we wonder if the natural resources are depleted what then are we leaving for the next generation? Each one has a responsibility to ourselves to make sure we safeguard our natural resources.

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  2. True,but enough have been. said,yet little done. I think we ought to hold those selling at the beaches accountable and also ourselves, to do the right thing.Then I think we can clear this menace.


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