Titanic beach located in Sakumono, Tema, got it’s name from a broken ship which was stationed at the beach for quite sometime that eventually sunk. The ship was a tourist attraction on its own since people came to experience what a ship looks like.

You can get it if you really want, isn’t it? The latter is equally true; you must try. So what, if Labadi beach wasn’t my go to beach. The sea waves took me from Labadi through Teshie, Nungua and finally to the shores of Titanic beach, Sakumono,Tema.

After my  Labadi experience, like a women who has gotten her heart broken, I thought I would never find love again. In this case my perfect beach. Exploring the beach was a long walk, an endless stretch of breathtaking landscape. It sure was worth my every stress and time. There are beaches, and there are beaches. You feel me? I kid you not Titanic beach is for sure a beach.

The beach is so serene and airy like it’s supposed to. There is much freedom of movement and hear this part; no gate fee.

The stalls and sheds on the beach are gapped from the shores of the beach, giving observers room to take in all that nature has to offer but very important for me was the fact that it is very child friendly and no harassment of any sort.

For all the time I was there, I didn’t think I was in Ghana. The ocean, the sea, the beach, nature in itself is therapeutic. I felt so free and light headed as though I had no worries. I dare say, it was breathe taking.

Titanic beach is rocky. We found what looked like a mini aquarium in between the rocks. We played hide and seek with the hermit crabs when trying to take a picture of them. They ran off into the water when we try to get close. My photographer slipped in the process of trying to get a close up shot of the crabs. Thank God he didn’t fall on the rocks, and oh! we also found nimo. Not in my wildest dreams did I think such species of fish and crab existed in Ghana.

Personally, I am not a fan of night beach, for the night beach lovers you are sorted. Enjoy the cool evening breeze while listening to live band music. You could also walk on the beach sand, barefoot preferably. Do not worry about getting stung or cut. The beach sand is a whole lot of sand. It feels like you’re sinking.


For those who want a pool feel at the beach, you’re also catered for. You can get the best of both worlds.

I have found the one. The beach after my heart. I miss it already! Just looking back at the photos calms me.

If you just so happen to be a doubting Thomas, you might want to check it out for yourself. May I add that I didn’t loose any money this time.

Off to my next adventure. Hope you would be here to read what I gather. If you feel there is a beach I’d love more than this or you have a suggestion of places I should see, kindly hint me in the comment box below the post.

Till then, be safe.




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