When Men Gather

Initially, I had a different caption for this post. My original caption was supposed to be, ” when men pack up”. After surfing the internet for related post, my findings were way off from what I had in mind so I have decided to settle with when men gather.

Thanks to Steve Harvey for the inspiration. I watch his talk show a lot and I get a whole dose of laughter and inspiration every time.

Correct me if I am wrong but I honestly think there is a virus that is instantly activated when men, (I like to call them boys regardless of their age) gather. Generally when boys are by themselves, they behave sanely but where there is a group of boys, the most nerdy, timid, awkward guy finds his confidence instantaneously.

The topic of the conversation is predominantly sports, politics and women(girls). Wait! Scrap that order. Women(girls),sports and politics. That’s a much better order isn’t it?

From a group of construction workers, to mechanics, drivers, students you name them. So long as they are a pack of boys, the virus doesn’t change.

Poor and innocent girls like myself, ( I don’t care what you’re saying to yourself right now. I am poor and innocent) are victims of this virus. There are some construction workers on the route I use to work and whenever I get closer to the construction site, I hear them screaming all sorts of words trying to get my attention. The funny part is when the are able to lure their foreign contractors to partake in their foolery. The irony is when you meet one of these workers up close, they are as innocent as my tertiary class rep who is actually called Innocent.

And those group of boys who call lady’s like they are stopping a taxi, how about you man up, walk to lady and have some intellectual conversation that doesn’t end with give me your number like her phone belongs to you.

So boys boys when you gather, why do you empty us (girls) on your table? Why the ranking. Who’s hot or not, which fire or thermometer are you using. Who’s bad or not, since when did being bad become a good thing. Who is wife material and who’s not, are you husband material?

If you’re thinking; well but girls do this too, today the caption is when men gather. You can go create your own blog and talk about girls. Just incase you don’t have an active sense of humor, that was a joke, I need you all here to keep reading.

With that being said, I hope you’ve been enjoying the content here so far. I greatly appreciate the positive feedback. Suggestions, criticisms and partnerships are also welcomed.

Let’s make this official, when you see me on the streets, call me AfroBae without the four. You na mean!!!!!!!

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