Smoked Chilli Pepper Sauce

I gave you the Chilli pepper sauce but this smoked rendition is way better, no jokes. In taste and texture you can tell the difference. Hot Chilli Pepper Sauce

For this you will need very basic ingredients. Garlic, ginger, a lot of onions, vegetable oil, fish powder & shrimp powder(optional) and seasoning.

Put your well washed chilli peppers in an oven to get that smoky charred look. Heat up some vegetable oil and fry your onions and garlic. Take out your onions and garlic was they turn golden brown, set aside to cool. By this time, your chilli peppers should have been well smoked, not burnt.

Fry your smoked chillies in the same oil you fried the onions and garlic. We want the skin and the seed of the chillies to be tender. Remove chillies from oil and set aside after stirring and frying for 10 minutes.

Blend fried onions, garlic and fresh ginger. Pour this blended mixture into your pot of oil and allow to simmer on medium heat. Blend chilli peppers and add to your pot. Stir frequently to avoid a sticky and burnt bottom.

Once this simmers down, add your seasoning, fish powder and shrimp powder. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes and voila, your smoked chilli pepper sauce is ready. You can transfer them into glass jars and refrigerate.


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