To The First Man Who Stole My Heart

to the first man who stole my heart,

swept off my feet by this man who cradled me to sleep,

whose heart I melted as he smiled down to me,

the first man who taught me how to love,

though my piercing cries rang out from the backseat of his car the whole way home he comforted me,

the first man to steal my heart, i cannot stand to bear the fact that soon you will be gone,

i’ll be left here to fight this cruel world alone,

though a harsh reality i have to come to terms with,

the reality that you will not always be here,

even though an unnecessary distance has formed between us,

know that i’ll love you always,

a special place in my heart is reserved for you,

you, the first man who stole my heart.

Nessa 🖤

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