The Problem is the Process

‘Problem no dey finish’, as Nigerians will say. Problems, huddles, obstacles, however you want to call it are an uncomfortable inevitable part of life.

The higher you rise through life, the tougher the challenges you encounter. Just when you think you can catch a break and just chill, then from nowhere your next challenge pops up. No adult is problem free, none! Are you problem free?

When going through the school of life, you always have two options, fight through or quit. To quit is the easiest way out, this is where most people consider suicide. They fail to see beyond their current situation and feel their world has come to an end. Those who fight through their challenges have some hope that their situation will change for good but it is never as easy as it sounds. You have to decide to fight everyday you get up from bed. It is a daily struggle, some days would be better than others. You know you would get through this phase but what you don’t know is ‘when’ and that is the real test.

The problem is a process. The process you need to go through. The process that is preparing you for your next level. Your problems are the refiner’s fire you have to go through to come out as the gold you are. You can’t escape it. Life in itself is a training school but we often want to skip the training.

We celebrate successful people but these successful people had silent nights. Nights when they thought their end has come, nights when they were lonely and clueless, nights when they cried themselves to sleep probably believing they would not see the next day or that their problems would miraculously vanish. Looking back now, they understand why they went through that phase of their lives, they learned and unlearned, they are much better versions of themselves today than they were previously and now they are passing on nuggets of wisdom and we celebrate them.

Problem no dey finish. To win, you will have to fight. To triumph, you will have to conquer. Whatever your challenge is, know that you are very capable of overcoming.

Win, win and win.

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