Savoury Plantains

Amateur me forgot to take pictures of my ripe plantains before cutting them up.

I love ripe plantains so much and there are so many ways you can use them. Have you seen my Plantain Fritters ? I tried something new with them and they taste really good.

This is a very quick and easy recipe made from very basic ingredients; ripe plantains, ginger powder, dried chilli pepper powder, some salt and of course vegetable oil for frying the plantains.

First things first, wash your ripe plantains, peel off the skin and slice them into tiny pieces. Add your ginger powder, chilli powder and salt. Toss them up in a bowl to get the plantain well coated with all the spices. For a better tasting plantains, refrigerate for an hour or two.

Heat up your vegetable oil in a frying pan if you have an air fryer even better for this recipe. Fetch plantains in batches into your frying pan. Be sure not to stack too many plantains into the frying pan that it becomes difficult to freely stir them in the oil. Your plantains will fry faster and will come out nicer when they are not crowded in the oil. Fry plantains until they are golden brown on both sides.

Allow the excess oil to drain off and serve. You can serve them with roasted peanuts or any dip of your choice but I served them with some gizzards sauce. It can also be a side to some spicy jollof rice.


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