[ careless laughter]

Laughter is good. It would interest you to know that when I’m not stating the obvious, I’m usually laughing.

Otherwise I’m laughing because I’m stating the obvious. Though, I wouldn’t call it laughter in my case, a mild seizure is a pretty accurate description.

Laugh often. It’s carefree. It’s fun. It’s energizing. When you’re out of breath laughing, or chuckling or guffawing, it’s amazing.

And while you’re at it, find a laughing partner. It may be that weird show host from that weird show you keep watching every Saturday morning wondering what your life is.

It may be your best friend or your significant other. Either way, laughing is healthy and makes you forget that you have to pay for child support in two weeks.

Laughter is the best medicine is not just a cliché…

Nessa ❤️

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