Most of us are on a quest to save the world. We are very empathetic about issues and challenges that impacts the world negatively and like superheroes, we want to step in and the save the world.

We have big ideas 💡 on how to make the world a much better place and we are patiently waiting for our “big break” to show the world what we got.

However, here is how we can actually save the world.

The world is filled with people, people in our very own homes, workplaces, schools, churches, the markets, who we very well know are struggling with one thing or the other. We ignore all these people to carry their burdens because we are fixated on saving the world.

How about you help that person who has been neglected by the family because of some past mistakes, our because they may not be academically good. How about helping that colleague at work who is overly stressed with family pressure. How about you offering yourself to be the listening ear, the one that can be confided in without fear of judgement or having your issue out in the open. How about mentoring someone with potential but is ignorant of how to make use of that potential.

We can actually save the world one soul at a time. The world we want to save is crying right before our eyes but we don’t see the tears. Sharing your knowledge and experience can be a great start. Let’s not fear to lift people up to the levels we have reached. There is a place for everyone at the top.

On your quest to save the world, I wish you the very best.


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