Easy going, smiling faces,

All is well you see.

Look good, put together, all prim and proper.

I bet all is working in your favour.

But under the x-rayed vision do you see what you otherwise wouldn’t.

The baggage of depression,

The anxiety scare and panic attacks

The hopeless feelings

With many friends and followers

But no one really knows,

What is eating you up on the inside,

Devouring you bit by bit.

The smile you put on is stellar.

The strength you carry looks like life has been pretty good to you.

We are all going through something,

The rich, the poor

No one is spared

But this you don’t see with the eyes

A bunch of perfect pretenders

Faking their way through life

We are all good you see.

With so many filters to choose from

But the x-ray will expose you.

Your skeleton will tell the truth.


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