Bono East

In the Bono East Region lies one of the most popular waterfalls in Ghana; the Kintampo waterfalls. It was known as Sanders falls in the colonial era.
Kintampo waterfalls is a beautiful cascading waterfalls and one of the highest waterfalls in the Ghana. It is located on the Pumpum River and formed by 3 main drops and also has a canopy walk way which gives you a beautiful view of the waterfalls.
Kintampo town is known by dwellers as the oldest town in Ghana. Settlement in the area dates far back to the 1000BC.

On 20 March 2017, 28 people were killed and others injured after a large tree fell on them at the waterfalls, following a storm. This led to the Ghanaian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture closing down the falls, to undertake a security and safety assessment, as well as reconstruction. It was reopened to the public in 2019; a canopy walkway was constructed as well.

From Sunyani to Kintampo is about 3 hours 40 minutes drive. Quite a journey. Using public transport, one can board a loading taxi from Chiraa Station in Sunyani to Techiman which currently costs 24 cedis per person and from Techiman to Kintampo which costs 22 cedis. At the last stop in Kintampo, you can board a taxi which will cost about 20 cedis to the waterfalls.
The cost of visiting the waterfall is 5 cedis for students and 10 for non students and adults and attached πŸ‘‡πŸΎ is a price list for being on the canopy walkway.

I love this trip so much because I got to do it with a friend. We also used the Tanoboase road ( hope you remember the blog about those stunning rocks). I also loved the view from the canopy walkway and the fact that it is safe to swim at the bottom of the waterfalls. Kintampo waterfalls is such a masterpiece 😍 and I’m glad it has a local name now unlike what it used to be called .

Do not forget to pick some extra cash to buy yourself some souvenirs from the craft shop at the entrance. They have pretty African themed earrings, swim wear, bags, cowrie necklaces, traditional hand fans etc. I love to have souvenirs from places I visit.
Everyone should visit the 3 Bono Regions and definitely make sure you visit Bono East. It is the home of tourism.

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