Green Sauce

When tomatoes became expensive, I switched to green sauce and I have not regretted it.

This is a very simple recipe.

Ingredients: Green bell peppers Spring onions Blended spices(ginger,garlic,onions) and seasoning

Heat up some cooking oil in a pan and add the fresh green bell peppers, allow this to fry for 10mins and then add your spring onions.

Stir this for another 10mins. People, the aroma that comes out from frying the bell pepper and spring onions will have the whole neighborhood marching to your kitchen.

Transfer the fried bell peppers and spring onions and allow it to cool off and then blend.

Add your blended spices to the pan of oil, the same used in frying the bell peppers and spring onions. Allow this to simmer for 5mins and then add in your blended paste and seasoning to taste.

On a very low heat, allow to cook for 20mins and voilĂ , your green sauce is ready.

Treat yourself to some fries and use the green sauce as dip.


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