A Walk Down The Aisle?


A walk down the aisle,

Do I have to?

I waited for you for twenty, thirty, something years and I have to walk?

Who makes these rules?

Putting one foot in front of the other, syncing with the tune.

Trying to keep my excitement in check, while acting prim and proper.

I must have kissed some frogs on the way trying to get to you.

Cried when I shouldn’t have.

And now here you are and this is the day.

The beginning of the rest of our lives.

The most anticipated day of my entire existence.

To walk I cannot.

I will run down that aisle sprinting to you.

Knowing that I can’t contain my joy.

I will dance while running,

Knowing that it was worth the wait.

Seeing you standing, with all your charm and charisma and the only thing standing between us is this aisle I am to walk on.

A walk down the aisle?

No can do.

I will run down that aisle like it is on fire.

With the hem of my gown on my left arm,

And when I finally get to you, a look in your eyes will be all I need.

I will know you were made for me and this is meant to be.


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