When you find that which is rare, yet exactly what you have been looking for.
When it’s all you wanted, yet too good to be true.
When it’s all you think about, but you’d rather not think about it.
When it scares you but you still want to touch.
Do you run or do you hide?
Do you second guess or do you jump?
Do you pinch yourself, wondering if it is real?

When you are given a second chance, a chance to start over.
When you thought you didn’t have it in you, and here you are with a chance to prove yourself.
When you thought it was over, but little did you know.
Do you take the chance, or do you stare in fright?
Do you rise to the occasion or do you chicken out?
Do you put your experiences to use or do you let your past mistakes hold you back?

What is gone is gone.
What is done is done.
The past is exactly what it is.
The future awaits with outstretched arms of possibilities.
Fear is like a quick sand.
Uncertainties are a part of life, but to not try would be foolish.
The consequence thereof is dire.

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