an unlucky accident.

Come on, we’ve all been there. You’re half-way down the road from your home clutching your purse walking hurriedly then suddenly, you begin to berate yourself over your inability to remember whether you locked your door or not.

Or after a well-deserved lunch you proceed to move your plate to the kitchen and instead of setting it in the sink you set in on the stove, turn it on, your house explodes but you leave just in time to grab your blankie which has also perished in the fire, but someway someHOW, you’re still alive.

My point is, like everyone else I experience mishaps. By my own assertion, mishap(s) is probably the short form of mishappening(s) and I’m still learning that they are very much a part of life.

Until then if you see me talking to myself in the streets, it’s because I almost lost my blankie in a house fire.

Nessa ❤️

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