The Creative Process

Credit: Behance on Pinterest

I literally had to blink twice at the mention of my name.

No!, I didn’t sign up for this. I thought we were just going to ask their list of questions, not to give a “freestyle”. We had agreed on that. I mean our panel of five, who sat in the tiny hall FM station, shield away from the stinging rays of the burning sun. It was a Sunday and we had been granted an interview at Casford FM as a new track had been released by my squad.

My colleague was silent as well. I was sure his mind had blanked out. I quickly promoted him to trap along to a freestyle session we had had sometime ago.

The presenter asked us if it was an on the spur inspo and I said yes. I lied.

I often think of that encounter  and how I had resigned to us using previous freestyle tracks to make up for our audience listening in. I wish I had had the courage to have told them that wasn’t how it worked.

Creativity (the content creation subset) is not easy to come by or across for that matter.

It’s hard to think up something totally new, not so cliche not unbelievable, something relatable and profound(say deeep!😂) just in a matter of seconds.

Don’t get me wrong, some days it comes so easily that one can squeeze in 3 poems and a chorus for a song within 30minutes of picking up a pen.

Creativity is like courtship…it takes a lot of effort to coax, seduce and wish the words into existence.

As part of Afro387’s fifth anniversary, we shall give a bonus talk(series) on how we go about our writing, how we find the words we use and how we simply just write.

So, keep your fingers crossed and keep watching this space.


Nessa’s twin

By: Hilda Asare

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