Nothing I have done

It’s nothing I did or did not do,

It’s nothing I said or did not say,

It’s not karma trying to get back at me,

It’s not the devil seeking me.

It’s nothing I have done.

Until today, I thought, maybe just maybe certain things happened to me because of something I have done or said.

Like last two weeks when I accidentally hit my head hard against the wall and I got bruised. It gave me a cut on the right corner off my eyebrow and a swollen eye. This happened when I was about leaving home for work on a Saturday morning. I usually check to see if I turned off my iron before leaving the house but on this faithful day, this act got me bleeding and I kept thinking, what was my crime? Did this happen because of something I did or said? Is it karma trying to get back at me?

And then, just yesterday, on my way to work on a Monday morning, in my white shirt, very enthused about the day, singing songs of praises in my head. Then comes this lunatic(he actually is psycho) holds me by my right sleeve and says, “I like you”. I looked at my sleeve, his black hand prints on my white shirt on a Monday morning and I was worshiping God. I couldn’t help but question what I did to deserve that.

For the first time, I got my answer. Nothing! Nothing! It was nothing I have done. It wasn’t Karma, certainly wasn’t God trying to punish me. Random things happen to us for reasons we may never know but in actually facts it could happen to anyone, not because of something they did or didn’t do. It’s nothing you have done.

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