Not an option

Giving up has never been an option. Sure, I feel like it sometimes, but I don’t think I will ever go through with it.

Some may think it is just putting your thoughts into words, but as easy as it may sound, it gets hard.

Any creative person can attest to the fact that in as much as we enjoy putting things together and creating, there are days you just don’t feel like it, there are days you really want to create but you are short on creative juice. It happens to the very best of creators.

More so, having to combine studies like Nessa and working a full time job like I do, it gets physical between the mind and body. As you may know, our posting days are Monday’s. Nessa can hit me up and say, “Derby, can I send you something later in the week?” And me, after managing to get through the working week, have to get something to post on Monday morning and sometimes, I get nothing until Monday morning on my way to work.

We enjoy what we do. Creating content, perfect or not. And we are not about to stop now.

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