How it Started

It all began 5 years ago, 24th January 2017. I was done with my mandatory service(national service) after my undergraduate studies.

Home and bored for six months, job hunting wasn’t looking good. My one true sponsor(mum) was generous enough to give me money to buy my very first brand new laptop. I got a Lenovo i5, 1TB black laptop.

Prior to this, I had always loved writing. I will choose the story essays in English class over letter writing. I’d compose my own messages to family and friends on their special days rather than cut and paste from the internet. I had journals in which I wrote poems and short stories. I even joined a couple of online writing and poetry communities.

But with my new laptop and a lot of free time, I felt it was time to have my own blog. On Tuesday, 24th January 2017, I don’t remember the exact time but it was morning. I got up, dressed up as though I was going to work or for an interview, with my laptop in my backpack and a goal, I went to the Vodafone Internet cafe in Cantonment, Accra and patronized their internet service.

Surfing the net for ways to create my own blog, stumbled upon some not too good sites and finally landing on Creating the blog was rather easy. Chose the free plan, I mean I wasn’t about to pay for anything yet. I was just starting out! I already had the name Afro, well thought out. I am African, I had(still have) an Afro hair(kinky) but WordPress gave me some suggestions with Afro and Afro387 sounded right, it was fresh and cool. And there it was because I signed up for the free plan so WordPress had to be incorporated somewhere.

I set out to post every single day from Monday to Friday and I think Saturday’s too because I had a lot of pre-written content. I was loving the experience, blogging gave me a sense of purpose and people actually reading, liking, commenting and sharing my posts was the cherry on top for me.

Fast forward November 2018, I upgraded my plan and owned my now domain name

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