I Grew Up

From the dust whence I came,

From the clot of blood that formed me,

From the gene, the very DNA I carry,

Rising through the dust,

Working my way out of the valley,

Defying the odds

Writing my own story.

I grew up.

Conforming was never a consideration,

Finding my own path and wanting to be different, always,

Fuelled me.

My drive, my passion, my tenacity.

Words could not change me,

Disappointments could not break me,

I grew up through it all.

The goal is to be legendary,

Reaching heights my ancestors could not reach.

Knowing that I come as one but I carry the vision of legions.

To be an inspiration to an army of dreamers who have no one believing in them.

So I am still growing,

Still learning,

Still soaring.

Mountains high and valleys low,

Whatever my lot, I will stand my ground.

The dust from whence I came,

I am not the same.

I grew up.

This is my story.

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