Little Me

I wish I could watch how my life’s journey began.
From my making to when mum found out she had conceived me.
All her cravings and the kicks I gave her.
When she gave that final push and there I was.
My humble beginnings.
Innocent and harmless days.
Then when I started crawling and making weird faces and funny noises.
My very first step and first word.
I wish I can look back to all my tantrums and angry faces when things didn’t go my way.
All veggies and medications I smartly rejected.
I wish I could see it for myself; mum telling me how I used to play dress up and play with her make up. She never thought I would grow up a tomboy.
Oh I want to know what it was like being little.
I want to see through my little eyes again.
I want to relive those little dreams and fantasies.
I want to know if I am still me or has life changed me.
Will I recognize the girl I see or will I wonder who the hell that is.
Take me back to the little me.

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