Your Daily Dose of Rants.Traffic Edition.

So, here’s the thing. Traffic in general gives me mad anxiety. And then there are traffic JAMS. Lane-cutting, anger-driven, rush hour-fueled traffic jams.

Don’t get me started on the insane time calculations, as though we were on a plane making a nosedive: “Okay, suppose I left home at 7 a.m, it’ll take 10 minutes to get to the junction, it’ll take all but 5 minutes to make it past the banana seller asking about my mum’s health for 5th time in a five-minute conversation…

And then you finally board a troski, the mate has already decide to up the fare by 10% (which increases by day of course).

Cue intense inexplicable traffic

Do I listen to the podcast now? Hmm, I don’t want to waste it. Or I could wait and listen to it on the way back home. I found a new song though, I don’t want it to remind me of this traffic jam, but it sounded SO good the first time though (yikes!)

Also cue rising temperatures

Oh well, here I go, listening to Moonlight Sonata again*.

Seriously though, the traffic is insane. People need to stop buying cars then.

Nessa 💜

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