What to do after finding your purpose

If you are reading this, hopefully you have already found your purpose but just in case you haven’t, here is the link to the post on how to find your purpose. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

How to find your purpose

Finding your purpose is gratifying, but much work begins after. Below are a few things to do after finding your purpose.


Once you know what your purpose is, you need to come to terms with it. You may have envisioned yourself becoming a president only to realize your purpose in life is to be a missionary. This will be a tough pill to swallow. You have to come to terms with it and begin pursuing your purpose. Once you accept and start working towards it, the vision becomes clearer and you will be at peace.

Keep Quiet

There is something about having a dream, it brings you more foes than friends. Remember Joseph in the bible? Don’t be too quick to share you purpose with others. Some people just don’t know how to say anything nice, others mean well but I guess it’s just the way they go about it. You should have come to terms fully with what your purpose is and willing to go wherever that journey leads you before you start sharing your purpose with others. More so, it’s your purpose for a reason, you asked for it and you got it. Not everyone will understand and the people you tell most probably haven’t discovered theirs so do yourself a favor and stay mute. When it bears fruit, they will all see.

Learn / Study

Your purpose has always been inside you waiting to be unearthed, it is your weapon and you need to learn how to use it. I remember when I started this blog, I was bored and unemployed. I needed a space I could archive my write ups and an audience. Four years of running Afro387, I have noticed the maturity. I read some of my old posts and laugh. The growth came from not stopping, constantly searching for something fresh and different. The initial aim I had for the blog has changed and I have evolved as an individual. You won’t have it all figured out but stay committed and you will love the experience.


Living a purposeful life is not rosy. A purposeful life is never about you, it has to do with what you can do for others not just your immediate family. There are sacrifices you have to make. On the journey of purpose, you will loose friends but you will gain new ones along the way. The kind that understand your journey. There are days you will feel like giving up, you will doubt the process. Following your purpose doesn’t pay, at least in the early stages, however, there is this joy and peace you get that money can’t buy.

P.S. Don’t go quitting your job.

Have you found your purpose? Are you still figuring it out? Are you stuck and confused?

Send an email, let’s see how we can help. Afro.387.gh@gmail.com

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