(from a very non-parent-y perspective)

I guess it’s something like rainbows and sunshine with no end when you hold your newborn for the first time,

Their first squeal reminds you of your very own every night till they said hello to the world,

It’s the panic of being too rough, or the fear of not doing it well enough that keeps you on your toes,

You swore you would not be a Google Mom or a Google Dad but “Should I give my 4-month-old water?” has its own tab in the Google search history,

Inexplicable joy when they say their first words, full hearts when they take their first steps, those ear-to-ear smiles when they run to bear-hug you,

All too soon, they have spurts, and they are…different,

Not as many hugs, smiles or even…words,

Understandable independence, but it seems to you an excuse,

And then they leave the nest, separation anxiety grips you, but you learn to hold to what were memories in portraits and paintings,

Closer to your own leaving the nest…


SN: I’m curious….should you actually give water to your baby?

Nessa 💜

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