Chile, it’s quarantine and you know what that means. Finding you a hobby/something you love doing in general whether it’s cooking, listening to music or painting. For me it’s reading. There sure is nothing like getting under the sheets while it’s still cold outside with a book in your hands, the firm pages between your fingers, the new/old book smell engaging you steadily, and I could go on and on and on, and with everything going on you NEED a distraction, you NEED to unplug somehow, and if you LOVE to read and need some recommendations, I got you.

1. Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou.

This is first on my list because I just finished reading it and it’s mind blowing (and also because I love Maya).
The title is rather interesting because according to her, she never had a daughter, but she has millions of daughters around the world, this book is a part-biography, filled with comedic-timely humor. You will love it.

2. Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes Roberts.

My Saints will love this biography by Sarah Jakes Roberts, who details the detours of her life after having her child at the age of fourteen, and the unfailing mercies of God all through her life, it’s also a biography, my Saints sure will be encouraged by this one

3. Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst.

Saints!!! Hold on to your edges and wigs because this book will shake you. I’ll say this, I still struggle with reading Christian Literature, well because I’m way too picky when it comes to them, but THIS BOOK. Pastor Tony and his daughter Chrystal break down what it means to be a representative of the Kingdom of God as a woman in today’s society. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you😂. My guys, you could also get Kingdom Man👏🏾.

4. Gay Girl, Good God, The Story Of Who I Was And Who God Has Always Been by Jackie Hill Perry.

That’s it. That’s the title. This book deals with sexuality and the church, and is a part-biography, you’ll never see sexuality the same way after reading this book. Highly recommended as it was rated number 1 on Amazon concerning books on Sexuality and Religion.

This is a short list, but there will definitely be a part 2, thank you so much for reading.


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