Chaos around, too many voices with varying opinions.

So many distractions, all that glitters isn’t gold.

Inner voices battling to be heard.

Peace is not the absence of noise or pressure.

It is when you can still keep your head above water amidst uncertainties and chaos.

Peace is a state of mind; a personality.


I am looking for peace.

Peace to quiet every storm.

Peace to keep me strong.

Peace to help me move on.

Peace in my mind, body and soul.

Perfect peace.

I pray for peace.


I have found peace.

The kind that holds your hands and never lets go.

Peace that makes you want to be and do better.

Peace that energizes.

Peace that doesn’t speak but changes you in so many ways.

Peace be still.


We all deserve peace.

There is peace for everyone.

Peace is all around.

My peace I give to you.

Look and you will find it.

I pray you find your peace.

Perfect peace.

Just peace.


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