Assorted Rice


Salted beef Salted fish Spring onions Onions Garlic Green bell pepper Green beans Carrots Chilly pepper Rice

Soak salted beef and fish in water for 30mins and drain the water to reduce salt content. Boil salted beef till tender and drain off the water. Cut boiled salted beef into tiny pieces and flake salted fish.

Chop and blend properly washed spring onions. In a heated cooking pot with oil, fry pieces of salted beef. Add blended spring onions.

Blend onions, garlic and chilly pepper. Add blended mixture to the frying beef and blended spring onions. Leave to simmer until a thick consistency is achieved while stirring occasionally.

Add seasoning cube, curry powder and a bit of soy sauce. Be mindful of the salt content since the beef and fish are already salted. Add flaked salted fish. At this point, the first part of the assorted rice is done. This sauce can be used as a dip for fries or a pasta sauce so you can set some aside if need be, it can also be the base for a very tasty tomato sauce.

Now, wash your choice of rice, add to green sauce and stir for 5mins then add water to bring to a boil. Be sure to reduce the heat and check the salt content after adding water. Cover cooking pot tightly and check from time to time.

While the rice slowly cooks, it is the perfect time to chop well washed green bell pepper, spring onions, green beans and carrots but I grated my carrots instead.

Add veggies to rice when it’s well cooked and leave it on heat for 5mins. At this point, your assorted rice is ready to be served.

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