Nora, we were good until we started competing. I guess being first in class was more important to us.

Millicent, you were the gel to my edges. We can pick up from where we left off but where the hell are you?

Margaret, you try. You check up on me when you can. I just don’t, maybe I don’t feel the same. I like your posts on Facebook and IG though!

Margaret Awere, what can I say. Hell, what can’t I say? We were very close. I got into trouble with my dad twice because of you but I didn’t care, he was tripping as always. Then you left to another school but we tried hanging on to “our ship” until we couldn’t. Fast forward, I notice we are in the same church and when I try to come close you act like you don’t know who I am but that’s fine. That’s fine boo, I hope you don’t live to regret that decision. Who am I kidding? You will regret, I want you to.

Belinda and Linda, I loved you truly but you clearly loved others more.

Mary, Mary, Mary, we were a tag team. After school you met Christ. I am glad you did cause I did say you would but girl, you are on another level so I’d be loving you from afar.

Nelda, we still talk here and there. We understand our relationship and it’s working for us.

Abigail, even sickness couldn’t keep us apart. We still talk when we can and we always have a good laugh. I should pay you a visit soon.

MaryAnn, you stayed. Longer than I expected but you stuck with this crazy ship. I am glad you see through my hard exterior. And, oh! You are annoying in your own right.

Sena, it was love at first sight. My twin of life. We talk, we try but I wish we could fly.

Rebecca, I like you my chubby doll but you are too busy for Africa.

Peace, ours is a mother and daughter relationship. You always tell him how well I raised you and I am proud of the woman you are becoming. I love you baby.

Nessa, our gem. It’s not the age thing, I think we should break the ice. Let’s start by speaking French, I hear you are fluent but I am a beginner so be patient. You are awesome, stay awesome and change for no one.

If you didn’t make the list, sorry not sorry🤪. Just kidding, I am sorry.

On a mission to make new female friends. This time I will do it right, starting with a pact.


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