Letter to October

Octy as I affectionately call you, you mean more to me than just a month of the year.

Do not envy January because you are the month in which I began life’s journey.

The month of love is known to be February but my love for you is never temporary.

No matter how March they try, they just can’t match.

April borns can hate all they want because it’s to no avail.

For family sake, I may be a bit bias towards May.

As for June, I don’t even dance to it’s tune.

But for July, no lie.

I tolerate August for future reasons, I guess.

September is for my Dad, so I always remember.

And then to you my love October, there is no contender.

A couple of people dear to my heart are products of November so to that I surrender.

Right after October I count down and look forward to December.

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