My Second Love: Photography

 “In Photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

— Alfred Stieglitz

The concept of Photography has always blown my mind. What is it about a moment in time that gives me life and takes my breath away at the same time?

I liked to take a lot of pictures when I was younger, and it was not because I was obssessed with myself😂. They were not only for keepsake. I actually just loved to. When I grew up and looked back on those pictures, I saw a very different me. I saw a confident, fearless little girl. And that has kind of shaped who I am becoming today.

I’m always grateful to my professional photography team; my brothers.

With time, I became more interested in nature. I thought it was almost impossible and somewhat ungrateful to NOT capture how the sun’s rays hit the leaves, with that after-rain blue sky. Or the contrast in colour of the perfectly paved asphalt road to divine greenery; plants and flowers everywhere. Everything passes us by so quickly so often that we forget to get lost in the blazing yet subtle aura of a photograph. A still silent photo, yet so loud and restless, a reserved demure photo, which speaks a thousand words still.

And I am constantly telling myself, this is clearly just the beginning!


Here are a few of my works. (P.S Joke’s on you if you actually thought I’d add my throwbacks😂I love you though).

Also, if you would like to, from the kindness of your heart, send me a camera; Kodak to be specific, black, to this address.

P.O Box 2680

Give-it-here, LG


Thank you!❤


By: Vanessa Adaboh

Ig: nessa.the.finesser

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