This is my Land

This is my land.

The land flows with milk and honey,

But lately it’s phony.

It is blessed with abundant resources,

But these resources didn’t learn Human Resources.

Hence these resources are not resourceful to us until we Humans optimize them.

But then again this is my land.

A land where everyone is a teacher but no one is actually doing any learning.

We are all counselors in our own rights.

We got the perfect solutions for problems we’ve never experienced but very oblivious to our personal issues right under our nose.

“Talk is cheap”, that’s our pledge.

Not surprised, because this is my land.

A land where we sit to come up with innovative ideas that can win an Emmy of how wealthy people came about their wealth and right after that we complain of our struggles.

Are we not a gifted bunch?

It’s sad, but this is my land.

We cry for change as though change is rainfall.

Nobody wants to do the work and yet we all want to be comfortable.

The brave once who try to bring the change get persecuted for one thing or the other.

So you see my land, my land is good, my land is kind but my land is ignorant.

My land is hardworking, my land is gracious but my land is judgmental.

My land is faithful, my land is loyal but it is either to politics or religion. Oh! And sports.

It’s is in my land that we don’t help people when they most need it but we find money for their burial party.

I could go on and on but what’s the point.

My land don’t read.

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