We don’t have to be friends but I don’t have to bring you down.

I may not like you but it doesn’t make you my enemy.

We don’t have to agree but I can stand by you.

I believe in miracles; I bet you do too.

Why don’t we spread this miracle together.

I don’t have to publicly shame you, I can privately correct you.

There’s no point for one to try and be the heroine.

It’s a big stage, we can all play a part.

Men will come and go, they shouldn’t be the division between us.

There is no need for side chicks and main chicks, can we all be boss chicks!

Sister’s keeper; don’t just say it, live it.

Some days are hard, when you just want to snatch out her weave.

Keep the animal in you in check, let’s take it a day at a time.

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