Beauty Tips/ Hacks 101

@princess karibo

Welcome class, I am Professor Vanessa Adaboh and I’ll be taking you Beauty Tips/ Hacks 101 *cue the evil laugh*. Don’t be scared. For real. Let’s get into it! (Can you tell I’m excited:-))

Before anything(!),

Beauty rest is a must. You’re a college or highschool student with a job and you’re shuddering at the very thought of a beauty rest and you must be thinking, “What are these “beauty rests” you speak of Prof,” all the while setting 5 a.m alarms at 1 a.m.

I feel you my friend.

 Listen, I’m no doctor but as much as possible please, try to stick to a sleep schedule. There’s a clock inside you and believe it or not, a consistent sleep schedule will leave you waking up feeling undeniably refreshed and awake.

Also you’re a girl and you don’t like to wear make up, you can always groom your eyebrows by using tweezers to tweeze off any stray annoying strands. Also apply castor, coconut or almond oil to make your brows extra thick/full! Oh and don’t forget your lips.

I cannot stress this enough guys, drink a lot of water. This is the downside of this whole skincare regimen beCAUSE (don’t laugh) I drink water for a week and start looking in the mirror for improvements. I realized that I had to be patient with myself and with my skin.  Fruits are definitely a plus and also something that I struggle with, (pray for me).

I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’re not ready to eat healthy you might as well throw your beauty products away!

I know you want more tips, and if you really really do, comment down below and let me know!


By: Vanessa Adaboh

Ig: nessa.the.finesser

Sources: TheQueenAlwaysSlays (Pinterest)

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